Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something old, something new - Crop-Over costumes 2011

Crop-Over is coming islandistas and despite being in hibernation for the last few months (between my wedding late last year and now my first pregnancy happening back-to-back, I've been ex-hausted!), that is enough to bring the Islandista out of her cyber-cave!

So Power x Four is both the old and new of this post - pics of their 2011 costumes have popped up on Trinidad Carnival Diary but... it's a rehash of last year - Bajan Reef Pt II no less! Booo, hisss!

I guess you can say they prepped us by calling last year's presentation Bajan Reef Pt I but come onnn. It's not as if this is some great, conceptual costume story that needs to be told over the course of two years - it is pretty-colour FISH dammit!

It feels lazy from Power X Four and though they have been my preferred band for jumping for the vast majority of years I've jumped Crop-Over, I gotta call it as I see it. It smacks of what they did in their 10th anniversary year in 2004 when they recreated costumes from their previous years.

That said, the costumes are pretty  - Px4 is always consistent in its quality and beauty. We especially like Night Octopus and Queen Conch.

Now for the NEW new! A certain Crop-Over band is recreating its image and is coming out fresh in 2011 as Fantasy and the costumes we've seen thus far are gorgeous! They are really going to make a stir on the scene for this Crop-Over and give Baje, Px4 and Contact a run for their money. Check out some of our faves from Fantasy below.

So what do you think, islandistas? Getting excited yet?