Monday, March 29, 2010

VV Brown's Marks & Spencer campaign looks

Brit islandista VV Brown has been picked as one of the front women for one of the UK's biggest commercial contracts - the Marks & Spencer campaign - and finally the pics and tv ad are out.  


[caption id="attachment_2177" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Photo credit:"][/caption]

 Previous faces for M&S campaigns include Twiggy (who is also part of this campaign), David Beckham, Claudia Schiffer and Noemie Lenoir - so it's a big deal. 

Check out some more of her best shots from the campaign which, if you're in the UK, should be in a high street near you. 






Sunday, March 28, 2010

Islandista mag covers - Naomi & Zoe S

[caption id="attachment_2164" align="alignleft" width="175" caption="Photo credit: Russian Vogue"][/caption]

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is literally all over the April edition of Russian Vogue, which was totally dedicated to her. That's right - she was the only model featured in the edition, which she guest edited. She is featured in editorials shot by big name photogs Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Tom Munro, Matt Irwin, and Solve Sundsbo. 

Oh to be a supermodel with a billionaire Russian boyfriend... 

[caption id="attachment_2165" align="alignright" width="197" caption="Photo credit: Glamour magazine"][/caption]

Dominicana-boricua Zoe Saldana is also in the cover girl biz this month, as one of the three covers for Glamour magazine, which is touting her as part of the 'Glam New Guard'. 

The accompanying interview is the usual succinct Zoe no-bullshit delight. A taste and more pics  of both islandistas (some NSFW!) from both magazines after the cut.

Islandistas at the Kids Choice Awards

The biggest night in kiddie-dom was on last night - the Kid's Choice Awards.

Islandistas and their families were out in force - both on the orange carpet, and on the stage as Rihanna, who is top of the charts again with Rude Boy, performed.

Check the pics from the night of family fun.

[caption id="attachment_2187" align="aligncenter" width="324" caption="Mel B hit the orange carpet with her two children, husband and a young relative."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2186" align="aligncenter" width="339" caption="Rihanna on the orange carpet in Dior dress and heels."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2188" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Rosario Dawson on the Kids Choice orange carpet."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2189" align="aligncenter" width="341" caption="Zoe Saldana also made an appearance."][/caption]

New vid - Shontelle's 'Impossible'

To paraphrase Timbaland...

It's been a long time... we shouldn'ta left you...

But now we're back islandistas! And with something new - Shontelle's video for her single Impossible. Check it below and then our take on it after the cut.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trend alert: true blue @ the Oscars

[caption id="attachment_2147" align="aligncenter" width="435" caption="Precious producer Oprah and star, Gabourey Sidibe, both wore blue on the big night."][/caption]

The Oscars were last night and from the Kodak Theatre to the after parties, one colour stood out on the red carpets -blue.It seems as if everyone was wearing blue, including many of the nights' biggest stars.


 From 'Precious' star and best actress nominee Gabourey Sidibe wore a cobalt blue Marchesa to her co-star and Best Supporting Actress winner Mo'Nique in royal blue, it was all over.

Check out the rest of the blue parade after the cut. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Limo driver apologises to Naomi Campbell over attack allegations

Boy, all we could do is laugh when we read this one.

Somehow, the limo driver who was allegedly attacked by Naomi Campbell earlier this week, has ended up apologising to her.

The driver, Miodrag Mejdina, issued a statement through his lawyer which said:
"I got angry and overreacted. It was a misunderstanding and I regret involving the police. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion and I apologize to Ms. Campbell for causing that to happen."

So, basically he is apologising for being an informer? Naomi is a real don... a Dudus yu name?

Most folks are taking this apology with a lump of salt, since the driver happens to work for Naomi's billionaire Russian boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin.

When asked if his client had been paid off to drop the case, his lawyer Earl Ward, said:
"The statement speaks for itself. We have no further comment."

So ... take that as you will.

However, it didn't stop Naomi from issuing a pretty haughty statement which said:
"I have worked very hard on correcting my previous wrongdoings and I will not be held hostage to my past.... "I am pleased the driver has apologized. I would like to put the last few days behind me and move on."

Oh Naomi ...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sanya Richards weds college sweetheart

[caption id="attachment_2140" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Photo credit: Ben Sklar/New York Times"][/caption]

Islandista Sanya Richards married her college sweetheart, NY Giants football player Aaron Ross last Friday in Austin, Texas, where they first met at the University of Texas.

Being a real-real power couple (her, Olympic gold medallist, US record holder and World Champion, him Super Bowl winner), their wedding was featured in the New York Times' Vows section and was also on Entertainment Tonight and is also set to be featured in WEtv's Platinum Weddings, as we told you in an earlier post.

[caption id="attachment_2141" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Photo credit: Ben Sklar/New York Times"][/caption]

When yuh big, yuh large!

The NYT write-up was really cute with Ross talking about his excitement when he finally got to talk to Sanya, after eyeing her for a while.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Islandista legal woes: Naomi and Keisha

Oh Naomi, not again?

We're not saying you did it... after all your (beleaguered no doubt) lawyer has urged us all not to rush to judgement about the report that you assaulted a limo driver and then hightailed it out of the van like Usain Bolt in heels when he pulled out his phone ... to call the police (what, you thought it was for some ironic revenge?)

We're not saying you did it ... but it look a way, star.

According to the NY Daily News:
The driver claimed Campbell was brooding about an incident involving her boyfriend, married Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, sources said.

Mejdina had been hired a year ago to chauffeur Doronin, 49, around the city. Campbell apparently called Doronin at the time, but he did not answer his cell phone. She then rang Mejdina, who also didn't answer.

Still peeved about the year-old incident, Campbell accused Mejdina yesterday of covering for Doronin and then slapped him, sources said.

The driver pulled over at 58thSt. and Second Ave., where he flagged down a traffic agent to report the assault. Campbell jumped out and ran away.

And... now the NY police are looking for you, even though apparently the driver is pressing charges.

We're not saying you did it but... this is becoming a little repetitive. ent?

In other islandista legal news, former and founding Sugababe Keisha Buchanan is reportedly ready to sue the band known as the Sugababes, from which she was unceremoniously ousted last year.

Apparently, Keisha is asking them to either stop performing under the Sugababes name or to pay her a large one-off sum for rights to the name. A source told the UK's Sunday Mirror.
This is a landmark case and will send shockwaves through the industry," a source said. "The Sugababes are one of the most successful girlbands of all time, but if they are forced to change their name it would be absolutely disastrous for them.

"It would be very hard for them to maintain any credibility if they had no original band members and were called something else.

"Keisha was an integral member from the very beginning so it is easy to understand why she is acting like this. She even came up with the band's name with fellow founder member Mutya Buena and deserves something for making the Sugababes what they are today."

To quote Merital - My money, my money ha ha...