Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer trend: tams

Or beanies. Or knitted caps.

Whatever. It's one fashion trend for the summer that I can definitely get behind and support ... and it is not often I can say that in these 80s-regurgitating, skinny-jean wearing, leg-warmer sporting lord-save-us, last days of fashion.

I started noticing it a few weeks ago at various parties -several chicks (like the one below, third from left) were rocking tams and I wondered if it is was just a coincidence of bad hair days.



But when I started noticing it on celebs such as Jennifer Hudson and our own islandista Rihanna, I realised it was not a coincidence - the tam is having a 'moment'!










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And I say - hurray to that! For me, my first love affair with the tam harkens back to my UWI days (which WERE bad hair days) and the first time I started asserting and truly expressing my rootsy/bohemian/funky/slightly touristy style. Tams, cowrie shells, wrap skirts, head wraps, funky, chunky jewellery was all a part of my style so I'm more than happy to see tams making a comeback.

On that point... I've also noticed a bit more than a hint of long, floaty skirts making a comeback a la the ubiquitous boho trend of summer 2005...but this time in a few more colours. Could it be? And where would that leave the dressed up, sexy secretary look (pencil skirts, peep toe pumps, cinched waists) of recent times? I don't think the two looks can be reconciled - it will be interesting to see which one dominates this summer.

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  1. The baby-face guy in the shades, second from right in the top pic is Rihanna's younger brother. Awww, he too cute!