Thursday, June 19, 2008

No, no a thousand times no...

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Oh dear...

Ri-ri, tell us your stylist made you do it.

Because we have seen you evolve from a teenybopper into a fashionista and trendsetter par excellence and as islandistas, we have been proud of you. You have been a great standard-bearer for all true islandistas, killing it with your fashion choices and got the Yankee girls seething with envy.

So wha de ... (all kinda claat) is dis? WHA UM IS?

The pleather ... ok, ok leather cos we know you can afford it ... pants are one thing.

The hugely ruffled shirt that seems about to devour you is another.

But the cop hat? That is something that we don't even want to know about.

Is there some kinky sub-text here we're missing? I mean ... we did see where you said you like to take some of your stage costumes home and you know ... we cheered! 'Yeah girl! Get in dey!' ... that's something we would do you know. But you know ... at home. Not on the red carpet.

This look ... is not on Ms. Fenty. It is not on at all.

However, considering your previous stellar track record, we'll let it slide - but just once. Don't let it happen again, yuh hear?


  1. OH no!
    That hat HAS to go. It just tops off a BAD outfit. Yikes!

  2. (sings) It's fun to stay at the Y M C A... let me see yuh hands!