Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things that make us go hmm...

Straight from the 'things that make us go hmmm' vault, a tale of a certain WI cricketer and his unorthodox method of approaching the ladies.

Apparently this cricketer who is often described as being quite outgoing and confident on the field is not so much so with ladies ...sort of. According to our sources, during the course of his many travels, he spotted a young lady recently who caught his attention at an airport.

Now, the regular thing that most West Indian men would do is go up and start chatting up. But West Indies cricketers seem not to be regular folk these days. Instead, he got his 'assistant' (brrr? what exactly do these overpaid cricketers need assistants for?) to sidle up to the chick and take note of her information - whether the assistant sneaked a peek at her arrival/departure form or just the tag on her suitcase, we don't know, but we're creeped out by it!

Then he called her a few days later using this information. Poor soul, she wasn't the cricket-watching type so she did not know him from Adam. And she wanted to know how de hell he knew her. So he told her.

Islandistas, we couldn't tell you what her reaction was because we fell about laughing at that point and didn't ask. However, we can well guess. "What... in de...stalkerish... HELL?!?!"

I mean really, that is like secondary school behaviour where yuh too shy to approach the object of your affections so you get your friend to ask a question for you. It's cute when you're a teenager. It's not cute when you're a grown ass man. And it is definitely not cute when you get someone to check out their info and then call them up. Then it's just strange and disturbing and smacking of arrogance ... but in a strange and disturbing way.

Well, well, well...


  1. Last time I heard of that method being used, the "assistant" ended up with the girl.

    Oops! :-D

  2. LOL!!

    well 'Perk, the 'assistant' was 1. clearly hotter and 2. clearly an adult...and he smelled nice

  3. Hey Islandista! I love your what you do to rep for the Islandistas. My family is from Montserrat, so I am a fellow Islandista living in Boston. anyway to show my love I nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" award.

    See for details.