Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good girl gone bad indeed

Well... um... goddamn!

Even worldly islandistas like us were a bit dumbstruck at Rihanna's performance outfit for the joint tour she's doing with her boo, Chris Brown.


We are ... not sure how we feel about this here outfit. On the one hand, we nod approvingly at the naughty risque theme - we're definitely fans of keeping it interesting and hot.

On the other hand... wow! That is really putting that out there and it may well be straddling the border between saucy and trashy. I know some dancehall queens that would LOVE this outfit.

What do you think islandistas? Hot or flop?

Just to help you make up your minds, there is another pic below.

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  1. It looks like a full body suit in the color of her skin, but it's surprising (and gross) nonetheless. It's not necessary for stars to wear this sort of garb where everything is showing. It's really unnecessary as we'll love them - EVEN with their clothes on.


  2. HOT BUT TRASHY.....LOL.....its a skinsuit her complexion