Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wuhloss...who tell Kanye say that?

Wuhlosss... peppasauce! Kanye (purposely I'm sure) stirred things up yesterday at an album listening session for his new album 808 and Heartbreak yesterday.

Asked about the inspiration for his album which is a major departure from his 'College' trilogy in that he sings.the.whole.damn.THING! , Kanye said that artistes need to switch it up every now and then.

Which of course we at islandista totally agree with - did a post on that just at the end of Crop-Over pointing out that some of our soca artistes need to do just that.

Then he decided to mix things up according to Hip Hop Chronicle UK:

This is a wakeup call … people in music get comfortable … Rappers get comfortable’.

Kanye said this was the case with Beyonce.

‘Rihanna was the best thing to happen to Beyonce’

Oooohhhh! I cannot wait to see what is going to be the reaction from the psycho Beyonce fans out there... cos you know Rihanna is like their public enemy number one as it is, just because of speculation and stupid gossip.

Of course, what Kanye said is absolutely right. Rihanna's success has obviously compelled Beyonce to step her game up, since people will clearly compare Rihanna to her until both their stars fade. Rihanna made a bold move with Good Girl Gone Bad to step out of the niche that was being created for her - to stop being the same proto-type light-skinned, long wavy weaved, RnB-lite pop princess as every other chick in the game (Christian Milian, Mya and Ashanti pop to mind) and be different. And it has worked for her. She still is not the greatest singer out there but she is getting songs these chicks would love to have and you can't keep our girl from the top of the charts these days at all!

All because she switched it up and kept it interesting. That's how you maintain a career.

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  1. Totally agree with you about Rihanna. Kanye has some nerve though. He needs to stick to making music and beats to keep himself relevant NOT acting a fool and talking trash all the time. He ain't no better than the complacent rappers!