Saturday, December 13, 2008

Miss T&T places 3rd in Miss World, Ri-ri and Chris get frisky


Congrats to Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabriella Walcott who placed third in the Miss World finals in Johannesburg, South Africa a few hours ago! Miss Russia won.

No pics from the finals as yet, but we understand she won the 'Beauty with a Purpose' fast track contest for her work with a children's special hospital unit.

Well done islandista!


In other stuff, Rihanna and Chris Brown seem to be throwing that "we're just friends"  line to the wind in their performance at the Z-100 Jingle Ball in New York City last night.

There were plennnnty of teenaged hormones flying around on that stage from the looks of their performance pics. Take a look for yourself!




*coff*... we get it already... get a room kids!


  1. Miss France 2009 is a black woman...looks like she has some somewhat of a caribbean heritage. Hope to see her do well in the Miss Universe pageant.

  2. I have seen some really beautiful pics of this trini beauty. Do you know she has African, Carib Amerindian, Spanish, Portugese, English and Chinese forefathers. What a mix