Thursday, January 22, 2009

Carnival baby - performing while preggers

As we all know by now, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez, Trinidad's Road March queen, wife of Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin and half of soca's First Couple is nuff months pregnant.

The news was announced back in November, when Fay-Ann started wearing ... well wearing clothes! Since  Fay-Ann's ridiculously flat belly has always been her best and most flaunted feature, when she started sporting a lot of cloth, eye-brows were raised.

When I mentioned it to my other half and also mentioned that she would keep on performing during Carnival (the baby is due in April so she will be 7 months along at the height of Carnival), he grunted in disapproval.

"Huh! That could never be you!" he said.

His response reminded me of the reaction five years back when Soca queen Alison Hinds was also pregnant and kept on performing, right through to her ninth month. Many (like myself!) were admiring, but a lot of people also had a lot to say. Alison spoke to it in a SHE Caribbean interview some months after giving birth to her daughter Saharan.
"The fact that I did that was amazing to people. If I wasn't feeling good, I wouldn't have done it. I had to remain active. I couldn't stay in the house and draw up."

Which to me at least sums it up. If a pregnant woman is feeling good, why wrap her up in cotton balls? A little wukking up on stage (in reasonable shoes of course - some sexy gladiator sandals or cute sneakers or shoes with a wide platform heel) isn't going to make the baby drop out - it's held in place by a womb and that is a damn strong muscle! Getting them out is the real hard thing.

What do you think islandistas? Should our soca queens keep performing even while they are becoming soca mummies? Are they setting an example of female empowerment and strength or are they taking it too far?


  1. I am in agreement with the Alvarez's decision... they are taking doctor's advice and many of those I've heard against haven't made mention of Alison's own experience... I am not sure if they noticed hers even tho its was known...

    Bunji made the argument that its because its their first and they are 'young' ppl are upset...

  2. Once she feeling good, and her doctors give her the all-clear, it really ain' for other people to second-guess she.

    People does really like to mek other people business their own, nuh?

    My vote is "empowerment and strength".

  3. i think that fay ann looks good with her belly and i think that she is right for performing even though she is pergnant because she is acustom to being active so she don't have to stop because she pergnant as she said she is not sick she is pergnant

  4. its not a matter of if she feeling well or not. She is pregnant and performing in fetes. we all know the kind of mishaps that happen in fetes. Lets suppose a bottle jus happened to throw on stage and God forbid HIT HER. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY THEN? there are certain fetes she can perform in where there are responsible adults. But all fetes like Fire and the like do not always have resposible thinking ADULTS.