Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chrisette Michele @ Jazz on the Hill in Barbados

The Barbados Jazz Festival wrapped up tonight with the second day of Jazz on the Hill and Chrisette Michele closed it with a bang.

In islandista's view, she was the ideal happy medium between 'pure jazz' and 'contemporary enough to get a crowd' that 'calling themselves jazz to sound high brow but really are just music' festivals in the Caribbean often struggle with. No-one could argue that Chrisette's voice and style isn't jazz but she comes with a hip-hop edge that makes her sound current and hot.

Not to mention that she... can... SING! She knocked it out of the (Farley Hill National) park! Even though there were only two songs in her set (Best of Me and Be Ok) that the crowd could sing along with, not a damn soul minded as she unleashed her powerful voice, impressive vocal runs and scatting on Farley Hill. She was fantastic.

In fact, the whole day was great. Unlike yesterday, the rain only threatened but never came down and it was mostly sunny and breezy even if it was still very muddy underfoot from yesterday's rain. It was a great lime all day, wine and good music flowing and Chrisette's set was the icing on the cake. She's one artiste who actually sounds better live than she does on recording - quite some feat in these dark days of Autotune artistes.

Check out some pics below from her set.





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