Saturday, February 7, 2009

Real islandistas RALLY!

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That's right. Thought we were just interested in fashion, music and suss? Nah - islandistas are Caribbean through and through and that means we love West Indies cricket - not just for the liming and all-inclusive partying from the Mound to the Trini Posse stand but the game itself.


True, it has been often been hard to love for the last decade and a half but islandistas ent sissies. We hang tough and keep rallying. And every now and then - like yesterday, we are rewarded for hanging in there and remembering that West Indies cricket is bigger than just the current crop of players. It goes to the heart of our Caribbean-ness - at least, for us in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Yesterday's innings defeat of England was one to savour. So here are a few pics of the action. Enjoy.




Getty Images

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  1. Congrats to the West Indies!! Now if they could be beat Australia that would be great!!!