Saturday, February 21, 2009

SuperPreggy sweeeeeeep!

Who can stop the woman wid de Carnival baby this year? Not a man - not even hers!

As I predicted, Fay-Ann won the International Power Soca Monarch contest early this morning at the Hasely Crawford Stadium after she mash up the people place with Meet Super Blue annnnd... she win de Groovy Soca Monarch too with Heavy T.

Shurwayne Winchester placed second to her in the Groovy Soca Monarch contest and hubby Bunji Garlin placed second to her in the Power Soca Monarch contest - the Alvarez-Lyons household getting that money for sure this Carnival season!

And now... it's on to the Road, as Trinidad Carnival reaches its climax this weekend with 96 hours of pure frenzy - no sleeping, only partying!

As for our Road March bet... well to quote commenter Molasses "who say CLEAN SWEEP!"  We do, fuh damn sure! The smart money is on Fay-Ann to keep her crown again this year and do a clean sweep of the party crowns - Power Soca Monarch, Groovy Soca Monarch and Road March Queen.

Take a look at her winning performances below.

In other Carnival news, Fay-Ann said she and Bunji still don't know if they are having a boy or a girl. In an interview with the Trinidad Express, she said that despite two ultrasounds, they can't tell the sex of the child.
"Yes, we want to find out, but it's on the baby's timing. Because of the position of the baby we can't really tell if it's a boy or a girl. I went the first time I heard it's a boy, and then I heard it's a girl, so I know it can't be two of them at the same time (laughs) and it's not a twin."
Hmmm... yet last night I coulda swear I heard Bunji mention that he gine cut 'her' ass when referring to 'Baby Lyons-Alvarez' cheeky verse during Fay-Ann's winining performance of 'Meet Super Blue'. Will check back and let you know...


  1. oh that is too sweet! Love me some hot preggy soca chick!

  2. youcouldbelievethisFebruary 21, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    After they tief she last year she more than deserve. Iwer never perform better than her. I mean Faye-Ann surf through the crowd! Madness! I just real glad she win.

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