Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris Brown in court

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Chris Brown entered court in LA a short while ago, along with lawyer Mark Geragos. Apparently he did not enter a plea and requested a continuance until April 6th, which was granted. The judge admonished Brown in open court, saying: "You are not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone."

The judge also asked if a 'no-contact order' in place, to which Geragos replied: "Miss Fenty does not request such an order".

Hm. No surprise when you see the sordid story in the post below...

Also not surprising is word that a major plea deal is still in the works, which would save Brown from prison time. Apparently he and his people are anxious to avoid a trial as the pictures the LAPD have from  the day after the attack are even more graphic than the ones that leaked two weeks ago and they don't want the public to see those.

I have a feeling the public will see those pics eventually though - the way the LAPD has been leaking like a worn faucet.

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