Friday, April 17, 2009

Zoe Saldana is rocking it

Islandista Zoe Saldana has been mashing up the fashion game in recent days as she circles the globe to promote the new Star Trek movie which she stars in, playing the iconic role of Uhura.

For non-trekkies (i.e. probably most of you), Uhura, played originally by Nichelle Nicholls was one of the first significant (i.e. non-servile) black characters on American television and in the role, was part of what is frequently referred to as American television's first interracial kiss - in 1968 this was no joke.

So a big deal and big role for islandista Zoe and she has been raising the bar on her usually tight fashion game as she promotes the movie. Check out her outfits that she wore to press junkets in Germany and Madrid, Spain recently.




Sigh... y'all know I get dotish for any outfit with origami-like fold detailing already (as evidenced by the multiple previous posts dedicated to this trend) and it is displayed at its best  here on the dramatic shoulder of this cold-shoulder outfit - gorgeous! Btw, one-shouldered outfits are also a big trend for 2009 - blame Mrs. Obama and that Jason Wu dress at the inauguration, so Zoe is combining two key trends here in this dress.

Not to mention the sexy strappy, gladiator-esque shoes - the outfit is tops, no lie.


Also loving this black and white patterned dress that she wore in Madrid - and the shoes again, make the outfit.


And this outfit that she wore earlier this week to yet another Star Trek press junket is yet another instance of her shoes making the dress.

Get in dey Ms. Saldana!


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