Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rihanna in scandal, Amy Winehouse in shambles

Well, well, what a weekend for the islands and islandistas!

First, on Friday night, pictures leaked of Rihanna... all of Rihanna. Nude pictures that were allegedly hacked from her computer surfaced and quickly spread all over the net.


Her record company, Island Def Jam records has already asked at least one site to take down the pics, calling them "a violation of the artist's rights" and saying they are "unauthorised photos purported to be Rihanna".

And that is the question that is being hotly debated on every gossip site... are they? Def Jam's vague response is certainly interesting because it is not a flat out denial - they only say they are "purported" to be Ri-ri.

And what makes it all the more confusing is that you cannot see Rihanna's face in any of the NSFW  (that means NOT SAFE FOR WORK so don't go opening them at work just so and then get shame, oui?) flat out naked ones, seen after the cut.

Rih 2

There are other shots from the series that show her face but she is dressed in those, wearing what looks like a sweater.

Rihanna face shot from nude series

It's sticky because we're being asked to believe the pics are Rihanna based on the bits and pieces. We have a shot of her face and a shot of an ass but we don't know if the face and ass go together. Someone is being slick here and we ent sure if it is Rihanna or the hacker/leakers.

Honestly, the most damning pics are the first one where the camera/phone are up in front of her and the one below with Chris Brown (or is it?) with a pair of pink panties on his head.


Awoooaaaahhhh! A so dem did freaky? That one is pretty damning because the mouth looks long like Chris Brown's and the tattoos on the arms do seem to be like the ones he has.

Moreover, this is following hot on the heels of Cassie's nude pics being hacked from her computer and leaked as well and in those you can see every damn thing.

So that puts more doubt in folks' minds as well - if the Cassie pics were legit (and she has admitted it and said people should stop acting like they have never seen a titty before) then it makes you wonder if the Rihanna ones are legit too.


In other news - not islandista news but it happened at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival - one of the hottest annual tickets for islandistas from all over. Amy Crackhouse... sorry Winehouse was an absolute wreck at St Lucia Jazz on Friday night, according to all reports.

From Saturday morning, my Facebook home page was on fire with disgruntled islandistas and islandistos in SLU, lighting into Winehouse for her slurry, stumbling, fumbling performance which finished abruptly amidst a sea of boos.

On top of that, the torrential rain (the rainy season is here peoples) caused technical problems, but the main problem was Amy who inexplicably took off her shoes, cussed, fell over, stopped singing songs halfway through and when she did sing, it was... not good.

Amy Winehouse tumbles down

One friend said it was the worst performance they have ever seen in their life and the general sentiment was along those lines. Damn. Crack is wack kids. Stay away.

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  1. If that is indeed Rihanna's body she has nothing to be ashamed of. We're all naked under our clothes and she has one beautiful figure. What is shameful is that someone stole these photos and profited from it.