Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And then there was one...

Soooo ... after all the hullaballoo and the hurriedly called press conference last Thursday, it turns out that the Jackson One will be performing at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica.

Initial reports indicated that the massive reggae festival would get at least four of the five remaining Jackson sons - Tito, Randy and Jackie were supposedly confirmed, while they were working on getting Marlon.

It was also said that Jackson matriarch Katherine and Michael's three children would be special guests of the Jamaican government and receive a special lifetime achievement award from Summerfest Productions.

However, this was disputed by Jermaine Jackson who said he and his brothers weren't going to Jamaica.

Sumfest head honcho Robert Russell responded that Jermaine was never one of the ones scheduled to perform.

Now... well, it is looking like it's only Tito who's left.

From the Jamaica Gleaner:

Following conflicting reports on the Jackson brothers performing at Reggae Sumfest, one of the shows directors, Robert Russell, told The Gleaner yesterday that Tito Jackson is the only one confirmed to perform on Saturday night at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre, Montego Bay.

Russell told The Gleaner Jackie withdrew from performing because of an illness, but Tito and his band are still confirmed to perform on Saturday and they arrive in the island on Friday. He also said there are ongoing negotiations to have the other brothers perform along with Tito.

"It (negotiations) is evolving as we speak," said Russell. "We are awaiting confirmation from the others and, hopefully, can make an announcement tomorrow (today)."

Eh... t'ings a look sticky.

And Katherine and the kids aren't going to Jamdown either... at least, not any time soon. A statement from the Jamaican Ministry of Culture said:
Michael's mother, Katherine, with her grandchildren and other members of the family, would be honoured to take up the Prime Minister's offer to visit Jamaica, at a later date.

Later date... like Neveruary morning?

Oh well... Tito was the one who essentially started the group. But 'Tito Jackson Live in Concert' still doesn't have the same ring as 'The Jackson Five Reunited'.

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