Friday, July 3, 2009

A bit of Crop-Over suss - no Lara fete, no eNVy

Just a quickie here about one of the most hotly-anticipated parties on the Crop-Over fete scene - Brian Lara's all-inclusive at his plantation home - Ebworth.

It's not on this year.

Sorry folks.

Islandista has it on very good authority that Lara's all-inclusive do which has been in Barbados the last 3,4 years or so will not be coming off this year.

The reasons are not exactly clear as yet but it seems to be a matter of planning and schedules not working out.

Lara's all-inclusive is not the only one that seems to be no more.

We have not heard a THING about LIME's big eNVy fete which they held last year. Moreover, it is not included in the lineup of events in LIME Contact's band brochure.

That one is perhaps not so surprising. People were NOT happy about how eNVy came off last year. For US$125 per ticket, folks do not expect to be waiting in a long-ass buffet table line for over an hour. Worse, when they get to the table, they discover that the food is quite ordinary.

Fishcakes and hamburgers for a US$125 ticket?

They really tek Bajans for poppets but I know lots of people said LIMe could not get their money again this year. Worse it is a recession

Barbados may not hold a lot of all-inclusive parties like Jamaica and Trinidad but for damn sure the people that shelled out their good money for eNVy last year are well-travelled islandistas and islandistos that have been to them in other isles and know how it is supposed to be done.

And eNVy was not how it is to be done.

So maybe they are wheeling and coming again?

We'll let you know.

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