Monday, July 20, 2009

Caribbean commess around the Jacksons

As if there was not enough drama surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, a whole lot of Caribbean-style commess has been added to the mix.

We all know by now that Jackson's last doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray is a Grenadian-Trini and that he has been repeatedly questioned by investigators on Jackson's last moments, what drugs he would have prescribed for Jackson and even had his car impounded.
Conrad Murray

But on top of that, Dr. Murray is apparently a Caribbean-style village ram, fathering six children with five different women. And these women were not playing with his tail. He apparently had a trail of debt and liens on his salary, due to numerous child support claims.

According to Huffington Post:
Court records show Murray was hit last December with a nearly $3,700 judgment for failure to pay child support in San Diego, and had his wages garnished the same month for almost $1,500 by a credit card company. Another credit card claim for more than $1,100 filed in April remains open.

Damn. Between those and other debts, his practice had been hit with over US$400 000 in court claims. Even the BMW he drove was in his sister's name... no doubt so that the various child mothers could not make a claim on that, either.

Some Caribbean men just won't learn, nuh? Imagine he is a big, big cardiologist and he finds himself in debt because of that ridiculous village ram behaviour?

In other Jackson-related Caribbean commess, there is a back and forth of words between Jermaine Jackson and Sumfest promoter Robert Russell who is supposed to be bringing the Jackson Five (or Jackson Two or Three) for the International Night of the festival.

Jermaine Jackson told that neither he nor his brothers were going to Jamaica but Russell is reported in yesterday's Jamaica Observer as basically saying Jermaine was never in de ling.

From the Jamaica Observer:
""Who said Jermaine Jackson was coming to Jamaica? He is not coming," Russell said yesterday. "I certainly had no discussion with him, but Tito and Jackie are already confirmed and we are awaiting confirmation from Randy and Marlon," Russell told the Observer yesterday.

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