Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Islandista stamp of approval: Party Central limes

The theme for  this year's Crop-Over has definitely been hobbie class.

This season has seen an unprecedented amount of recession-friendly free liming events and the party public has loved it.

Brewster's Road started off things with some jam-packed pre-Crop-Over limes. Their affiliates, Passion Network followed up by flattening the more established Power X 4 every Saturday night by holding their limes just up the road from Px4's Party Stand.

LIME's Pork Limes have been a popular Friday night staple, getting fuller and fuller with each one.

Even Baje has gone into the liming thing, hosting a series of limes at Red Rock Bar.

But the star of the 'liming season' would have to be the Party Central Sunday BBQ limes.


[caption id="attachment_1268" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="photo source: Party Central Facebook page"]photo source: Party Central Facebook page[/caption]


Islandistas, they just.... niiiiiice. They definitely get our official islandista stamp of approval.  They just have a cool, laidback vibe. There's no stand-up-and-pose types engaged in competitive dressing, no cruffians making everyone uncomfortable, nothing so. It just feels like a real cool house party at a friend with big ole house and yard in the suburbs.

What's even better is that it is that same easygoing vibe that seems to encourage artists and patrons end up getting some free cameo performances to boot.

At the lime on Sunday just gone, Blood, Mikey, TC and Natahlee - all Party Monarch or Sweet Soca Monarch finalists all performed spontaneously. Their song was played and the DJ urged them to come up and bless the mic a bit and they did. Sweet.

The last lime for the season is this Sunday coming, after the Party and Sweet Soca Monarch contests. Kudos to the Party Central chicks for bringing a great addition to the Crop-Over calendar.

I wonder if all these free fetes will still feature when the recession ends?

We can only hope...



  1. We, the party central ladies or chicks as you said it, LOVE this article, thanks islandista ;) Introduce yourself on Sunday.

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