Monday, July 27, 2009

Jourdan Dunn confirms pregnancy

Jourdan Dunn has confirmed what we reported a few days back - she is indeed pregnant.

In an interview with, Jourdan said she was excited about motherhood:
"I'm really looking forward to the future and having my baby... I'm lucky - I'm feeling really well. I'm healthy and happy!"

Vogue also reported that the father is Jourdan's boyfriend of many years and that Jourdan plans to continue working between London and New York after the baby's birth in December.


  1. So young and was having such a good career for a black model. Hopefully once she has the body she can get her career back.

  2. How do u know Shelly ann is drug free....its funny how u caribbeans hate americans but many of u live in the USA.....instead of worrying about sports, try to develop your country