Friday, July 24, 2009

Jourdan Dunn is pregnant!

[caption id="attachment_1288" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="Photo credit: David Sims"]Photo credit: David Sims[/caption]

...Or so says Vogue magazine, which casually dropped this bombshell on the fashion public with a piece on titled 'Expecting in Style : What the pregnant Jourdan should wear this fall'.

New York Magazine's followed it up by stating that apparently Dunn is four months pregnant and is due in December.


We're feeling a bit conflicted about this news here at islandista.

On the one hand, Jourdan is an adult - 19 years old. And British women do tend to have children earlier.

But on the other hand ... 19 is still pretty young. And Jourdan's career has just been hitting some amazing highs in the last year. To take a break off from the scene at this point in time could hurt her momentum.

I feel a bit as if a little sister or cousin has done something that you just know could change her life in a big way and you are a bit scared that she's going to have to grow up so much more quickly.

But of course, having been a model since she was discovered at 15, Jourdan has probably grown up quite quickly in recent years and is no doubt more mature than other 19 years old.


Lord knows we love us some Jourdan here at islandista so all we can do is wish our favourite islandista supermodel all the best.

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  1. Interesting... but have to correct you on one thing. UK women do NOT have children young! There is a high teenage pregnancy (compared to Europe only, not the world), but these group of people are the exceptions rather than the rule. Average age when having first child in the UK is 29.1 (second oldest in the whole world, only New Zealand is older). Compare this to America (24.9). Anyone having a child younger than about 25 here in the UK is looked at as 'too young' - the UK public certainly won't approve of Jourdan's pregnancy! One of the problems of teenage pregnancy is the women can feel like outcasts as they think society is looking down on them. Good luck to Jourdan though!