Sunday, July 12, 2009

Really Baje?

So Wet Fete 2009 is behind us and it has left some not very happy campers.

Apparently the VIP section, which was run by Baje International, left much to be desired.

For $175, the very important patrons were supposed to get free food and drinks.

Instead, all they got was rum and beer - everything else had to be paid for.

As for the food?

On a big, big Sunday afternoon, they give people ham cutters, cheese cutters, fishcakes and chow mein.


Worse, according to our sources, the security for the VIP was apparently pretty lax. One person said they were able to let in about 10 people on their wristband while other people reported that the non-VIPs pushed down the fence for the section and let themselves in.


What Baje really going on with? How you going to make people pay for drinks in VIP? People hear free drinks and come in VIP with their wristband, car keys and two long hands because having paid VIP price they do not expect to have to pay for drinks.

That is slackness, pure and simple.

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