Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bring back the 90s!

It's inevitable isn't it?

Just like how 70s fashion came back in the 90s with bell-bottoms (flares anyone) and afros being ok again and the 80s has hideously resurfaced in recent years with everything from acid-wash to shoulder pads and (urgh*) Hammer pants, being regurgitated, we figure the 90s has to be the next decade of fashion to come back in fashion.

In fact, we're already on the border of late 80s/ early 90s style anyway.

Yes, it's a rather scary prospect to us here at Islandista too since that fashion moment will officially mean that we're... not so young anymore. Truth be told, having the 80s come back into fashion is pretty horrifying to us too. It's waaayyy too close for comfort.

But it is surely inevitable.

In fact, we spy signs of it already. The August issue of US Vogue talking up velvet as a key trend for fall was a hint. New York Magazine is also trumpeting velvet as a fall trend too.

And surely we can all remember how big velvet was in the 90s. Long velvet skirts and long velvet dresses in rich colours like ruby red, forest green, deep blue, purple and jet black were the thing in the early to mid 90s.

And to be honest, this is one 90s trend we don't mind seeing come back. Velvet looks and feels good and is more forgiving than other fabrics. Plus - no ironing!

Fellow bloggers are also foreseeing the return of the 90s - Jezebel had a hilarious post about it and Fashion Bomb chronicled the mostly stylish tv students of  (mostly) the 90s.

So without further adieu, here are the Top Ten 90s trends we here at Islandista want to see come back - just for shits and giggles.

90s trends-overalls

1. Overalls - yes we said it. With one strap hanging down too! So there.

90s trends-Clueless plaid

2.Plaid skirts and knee high socks a la Clueless. Oh you know you have some secret nostalgia for those days too. In 1995-96, ALL I craved for the series of big school fairs was to get a  hot plaid skirt and matching babydoll tee. Which brings us to...

90s trends-babydoll dress

3. Babydoll everything. Yes, EVERYTHING damn it! Babydoll dresses, babydoll tees, the ridiculous babydoll hairdo with a giant bun at each side like Princess Leia... bring it all back! Well... maybe not the hairdo. But the rest sure - babydoll dresses are super comfortable. Not flattering but comfortable. And they are a great equalizer of body types...


4. Dark lipstick. In fact, this may already be one trend that is sneaking back, according to the Getty Blog. Check Pixie Geldof in a dark lip and bleach blonde hair a la Drew Barrymore in the 90s at Cannes earlier this year.  

90s trend- chokers

5. Chokers. A goth-ish looking black velvet one with a silver pendant is really best for true 90s redux but any variation would do. Except those swirly plastic ones. Which shamefully, we had. And wore. With pride. We were so young and foolish.

90s trends - platforms

6. Platform shoes/clogs or any chunky soled shoe that makes it difficult to lift your foot and present the very real risk of falling off your shoes. Spice Girls anyone?

90s trends-butterfly clips

   7. Butterfly clips. God, remember those? All kinds of damn butterfly clips from the small, plastic colourful ones to quivering, dramatic metal ones. And of course there were too  many girls that just... took... it... too far and festooned their hair with literally dozens of clips. Interesting to see how that would play out as we enter the 2010s.

90s trend-peace signs

8. Signage. Peace signs, ying-yang signs, smiley face signs - all over the place. On shirts, on pendants, on stickers, on earrings. Loved it!

90s trend- culottes

9. Culottes. Floral ones at that. Mwahahahaha! We're getting dangerous here!

90s trend- blossom hats

10. And last but not least... BLOSSOM HATS!  Oh yes. In velvet with the big, funky old flower to boot.


So islandistas, what would be your top 90s trends that you'd like to see make a comeback, if only for the fun of laughing at the kids thinking they are oh so cool in them? Let us know!


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