Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islandistas (and one islandisto) in big NFL halftime show!


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Big things keep happening for island folk on the musical scene!

The latest major breakthrough is a huge performance opportunity for Barbadian singers Shontelle, Vita Chambers and Hal Linton and Guyanese-Canadian Melanie Fiona.

According to our sources, the four have been picked as part of a six-artiste performance at the halftime show of the Detroit Lions vs the Green Bay Packers. The performance is part of their label Universal Motown's 50th anniversary special.


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A few weeks back, Shontelle had tweeted that she was praying and hoping really hard for something that could be her biggest opportunity ever but she was mum about it.

NFL. Halftime show. Motown 50th anniversary.

Wunna understand that this is a reaaallll big deal?!

The audience at the game itself is going to be about 70, 000 people - as in about one-quarter of Barbados' population!

Then there will be another 20 million or so people watching it at home - because it's Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and the NFL are as time honoured an American tradition as it gets!

And FOUR CARIBBEAN PEOPLE will be part of this major, huge show.

Hal commented on his FB page that he is set to sing the Marvin Gaye classic, 'I heard it through the Grapevine' - a perfect fit for him, since he is definitely in that 'soul man' mould and what better way to show off his chops than by performing a tribute to the ultimate soul man?!

No word yet on what Vita and Shontelle will be singing but we will keep you posted.

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