Sunday, December 27, 2009

Islandista cover girls - Naomi and Zoe

Two very different islandistas are covering the latest editions of two very different magazines. 

The amazonian and fiery Jamaican-Brit Naomi Campbell is on the Fall/Winter 09 cover of Flaunt magazine in a vivid, colour-drenched and dramatic shoot by star photog David LaChapelle entitled 'The Rape of Africa'. 

[caption id="attachment_1871" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="photo credit: David LaChapelle/Flaunt Magazine"][/caption]

Some folk are pissy that you can see her nipple ... like we haven't all seen a nipple before. *roll eyes* 

On the flip side, the pixie-like sci-fi heroine Domican Zoe Saldana is featured in a futuristic, stark spread in Complex magazine that features mostly black white and silver as its colour theme. 

Check a few of the pics below. 

[caption id="attachment_1872" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Photo credit: Gavin Bond/Complex Magazine"][/caption]


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