Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Naomi Campbell to get modelling reality show?

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Why didn't anyone think of this before?!

Vogue UK is reporting that Naomi Campbell is "set to become the UK's answer to Tyra Banks"  as talks are in the works for her to host her own modelling reality show.

According to Vogue:
"The proposed show would see Campbell take on a group of budding young models, offering them advice and criticism and whittling them down to a winner."

We say to this... hell, yeah!

Naomi Campbell + reality show = ratings gold as far as we're concerned. Can you just imagine it?

Think of all the cat fights and bitching you get on Top Model and oh... just about any semi-competitive reality show. Then throw Naomi's legendary temper in the mix. I would love, love to see some of these stroppy, egotistical chicks that are on the reality shows get into it with Naomi - yes please!

Her spokesperson told the Daily Mail:
"Naomi has been approached with an offer, which we are talking about and discussing. An initial approach has been made. We are discussing that offer, but nothing is set in stone yet."

Why not? What are you people waiting for?

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