Sunday, January 10, 2010

Naomi turns down reality show gig?

We here at Islandista are devastated... devastated we tell you!

After getting our hopes up that our favourite scary islandista supermodel Naomi Campbell was going to host a UK version of Top Model, they are being cruelly dashed.

A report that came out yesterday in the UK's Daily Mail says that the phone-tossing bad gyal turned down the offer at the last minute, with a source claiming:
'The producers felt the last series wasn't taken as seriously as the American version because presenter Lisa Snowdon just couldn't carry it off on her own.

'What was missing was a real diva supermodel, a British equivalent to US host Tyra Banks.

'Naomi was really excited, but pulled out because she couldn't reach an agreement over logistics or the amount of time she would have to commit.'

Sigh... We knew it was too good to be true. Guess spending time with her billionaire Russian boyfriend takes priority over hosting a show... shoot, we know which one is the more lucrative position.

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