Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crop-Over 2K10 trend - Foreday Morning bands!

The hottest thing for Crop-Over this year (besides Lil Rick's monster, ultra-bashy tune 'Guh Dung') seems to be Foreday Morning (aka Jouvert) bands.

(Photo credit: Island Fusion via Facebook)

Last Crop-Over, there were only five official Foreday Morning bands, plus the heaving mass of humans behind the two trucks from the HIV/AIDS Commission and Roberts Manufacturing.

But this year, official sources have said there are as many as FIFTEEN bands registered - three times as much!

Among the new Foreday Morning bands that have sprung up are Island Fusion, Green Lizards from Island Vibez, Bakshun from Oasys Entertainment and Muddslyde from Power X 4. Check out Bakshun's outfits under the cut.

It's interesting that so many groups have decided to throw in their lot with Foreday Morning because ever since the Foreday Morning Jam started about a decade ago, it has had limited popularity, particularly with the middle-class segment.

Because of the heaving masses we mentioned earlier, who have tended to dominate the proceedings, Foreday Morning got a reputation for being a wild and out of control midnight mas.

That reputation was not at all enhanced when two young men got killed in separate incidents in 2003 and 2005 when revellers got run over by trucks after being jostled/falling underneath the wheels. Islandista actually witnessed/reported on the aftermath of the latter incident and it was a terrible moment.

Those incidents soured many people on Foreday Morning and they turned towards safer events away from the madding crowd like Baje's Jouvert/paint fete.

But this year the tide definitely seems to be turning back towards Foreday Morning.

Islandista will be jumping with Island Fusion, a band founded by five quintessentially islandista chicks so we will give you the scoop!

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