Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Esmin Green's family to sue hospital

Just a quick update on the Esmin Green tragedy. Her family is planning to sue Kings County Hospital for US$25 million.

Green's oldest daughter and family spokesperson Tecia Harrison was even more devastated upon actually seeing the security footage of her mother's dying moments.

From Carib World News via Caribbean 360:
Green`s eldest daughter, Tecia Harrison, who lives in Jamaica along with the rest of Green`s family, came to New York to attend her mother`s memorial service on Sunday and take her body back to Jamaica for burial.

After resisting, she finally watched the security camera footage for the first time.

"I wish I didn`t see it. I can't sleep," she said, sobbing at a press conference announcing the lawsuit. "The image of my mom lying on that floor and dying..."

Green's sister Brenda James added: "We don't treat animals like that. It's not to say she was in an isolated place. People were there and nobody reached out to help her."

"It's heartbreaking that my mother died in the way she died," added Harrison. "Not only did they allow her to die but they tried to cover it up. And what my brothers and sisters and I want is that the persons responsible should be behind bars."

Damn ... heartbreaking does not even begin to describe this situation.


  1. So do you plan on posting an article recanting your earlier bashing of Mya? I don't think just taking the post down will cut it. Always remember the power of blogs, your voice has a lot more power than you think. I hope you use your power correctly.

    Aside from that, keep up the good work. I like your posts.

  2. We in the United States so quickly criticize other countries regarding human rights, yet there are so many injustices here. I am so saddened by this story. I think her family has a right to sue. I am glad that they are taking a stand and that people all over the world, I am sure, are behind them. My heart goes out to her family.

    I am also glad that they found out what she died from. I knew someone with the same clotting in the leg. He had great care and his life was extended ten years.

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