Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whither thou Alicia

I love Alicia Keys, love her voice, LOVED the last album but Dear Lord in Heaven woman could you give it some breathing room!  Islandista Alicia has been looking a little constrained of late as if her pride in her sexilicious curves has overridden her good taste and her need to pee without the help of her entourage.


Tugging down this too tight confection before appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman



On Tour in London...


In Madrid


And then come the spandex SILVER ... what are these anyway? jeans? tights? latex dominatrix pants with a 1970's beaded curtain top?

You get my drift Alicia honey, you've gained some weight, I love it on you, I'm sure all my Caribbean brothers love it on you but for the sake of my eyeballs please upsize those jeans!


Note: not much loving the corset top either


this just makes me want to insert you into a wind tunnel or something so I can test my wind shear deflector theory.

edited to include the BET Awards performance outfit:

Look at the tweeny belt, poor thing, I feel as if there were some raw red places when Ms Keys got undressed after this one. Ouch!


Can we go back to this Alicia, she's hot and doesn't look like she is about to pass out from denim induced asphyxia




See how pretty, how soft, how free. Well you can see it if you can get past Whitney's tacky Christmas-tree-decoration-as-a-ball-gown outfit and her crazy "see I don't do no crack" smile... but back to you see how pretty, how soft, I'm even loving the flat-ironed hair




  1. You forgot to include her outfit at the BET Awards - for visual evidence, scroll further down the page. Pants... struggling! But she is looking good though...

  2. I just feel like her thighs are screaming "GIVE US FREE!!"

  3. You know? I noticed the same thing and pointed it out to my boyfriend (who is head over heels in love with Alicia). She could be headed for some sort of infection...that area needs breathing room chile!

  4. edited to include the BET Awards, how could I forget? Oh I know, my subconscious wiped it from my memory!