Monday, August 11, 2008

Rihannna & Chris - in or out?

So, gossip sites all over the world ran the pic below of islandista pop star Rihanna and her rumoured bf, RnB singer Chris Brown at the airport supposedly leaving Barbados yesterday.

Well, you know islandista has the real suss on wha really a gwan. The pic was actually them coming into the island - I guess they threw out the story about them leaving to throw off the paparazzi and gossip folk.

(photo credit: The Barbados Nation)

But tabloids have no paparrazo as nosy as a Caribbean person so that cover lasted less than 24 hours before news started flying around Bim that our girl Ri-ri and Chris (we're going to make him an honorary islandisto just now!) are actually in the island, not out. Come nuh Rihanna - you know Bajans 'good gypsy' already so that was never going to last too long!

They were spotted on Barbados' west coast, in Paynes Bay to be specific, jet-skiing and having a great time - as well they should because those two youngins have been working hard, promoting their albums and then re-releases of their albums and touring for the last year or so. In fact, I hear Rih-rih's people have pretty much instructed her to take a month off, in appreciation of her constantly being on her grind.

So she's home for that holiday. Enjoy!

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