Tuesday, August 5, 2008

THAT'S Love!

Love is ... being comfortable enough to squeeze your man's pimple for him. And him being comfortable enough that he just sits there and lets you put your hands all in his face.

I just had to laugh when I saw this picture of islandista Rihanna getting all touchy feely in a very domestic, 'ye, we real comfortable' kind of way with her boyfriend Chris Brown. I could just imagine her saying 'man, stop dey Chris, I gine pop it fuh you'.

I do not know what it is with West Indians and popping pimples but it seems to be some kind of relationship rite of passage. I used to haaaate when I saw my room-mate at UWI doing it to her man - I thought it was nasty and vaguely reminiscent of gorillas grooming each other, picking for ticks or something.

But now I am ashamed to admit, I let my man do it to me and on occasion I squeeze one for him. That is when you are really comfortable - you have gone past the stage where you try to look cute all the time when they see you and you're just cool.

It's sweet in a gross way.

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