Sunday, July 18, 2010

UV Breakfast Party - Islandista Approved!

The crowd was pretty small but a really, really good lime was had by all this morning at the first UV Breakfast Party - it is definitely on our Islandista Approved list for Crop-Over 2010.

The pricey (BD$140!) all-inclusive party was held on the grounds of a big ole house Trevwin II in the suburb of Prior Park in St. James.

There was a cross-section of the usual suspects you will see at any kinda bougie Bajan party - promoters like Richard Haynes of Baje, Jennifer Dear of Allure Entertainment, party girls, UWI kids, Facebook 'celebs' and a few real celebs like Brian Lara.

Considering the crowd, we're willing to guess that a good number came in on the comp list but what the promoters may have lost in gate receipts for this first edition of the event, was made up for in vibes.

It started out a bit tame and social, as people ducked from the sun and munched on the regional breakfast nosh from Ackee Tree and Jago's, including some most tremendous bake and shark from the former that was frankly even better than what we've had in Trinidad. Seriously. The bake and shark pull long - alas, we only got our hands and teeth on one. :(

The quiet start was also because of the big gap between the party-starters, including the Prince, braving the sun at the front and the limers sheltering under the tent in the back. The promoters might want to consider more tents next time.

But eventually things loosened up and to use the hottest catchphrase of Crop-Over 2K10 - folks was out to all! The vibe was sweet and enhanced by the various artistes that passed through and touched the stage including Lorenzo and Bret Linton, Hypa Sounds, Zeek and the man with the best Foreday Morning jam, Bobo who 'Muddy' up the place with his big tune.

Already looking forward to next year's edition!

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